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 Osaka 8.8 Million Drill

The disaster drill will be held in Osaka prefecture. The purpose of this drill is to think about how you should act and prepare during a time of disaster.

Date & Time

Thursday, September 5th 11:00

Drill procedures

①At 11:00 AM, the beginning of the drill will be notified through the disaster administrative wireless system (outdoor speakers installed at schools), early warning e-mail, area e-mail and others.
②At 11:15 AM, as the second notification, information of evacuation from tsunami will be sent by early warning e-mail or area e-mail throughout Osaka City. Other than Osaka City, there are other municipalities sending the second notification. Please refer here for further information.
Please do accident prevention activities you have thought about beforehand as soon as you receive the start sign.

*Examples of accident prevention activities
Bend your body, Go under the table, Extinguish the fire, Protect your head, Check the evacuation route and others.

Area E-mail System (NTT-docomo) and Early Warning E-mail System (au, Softbank)

Area E-mail System and Early Warning E-mail System are disaster prevention information service by cellular phone companies. There are two types in those e-mails, one is earthquake early warning or tsunami warning from the Meteorological Agency, the other is disaster/evacuation information from the local government.
On September 5th, the drill information at 11 a.m. and the evacuation information at 11:15 will be sent through those e-mail systems.
If a mobile phone supports this system, it rings or vibrates even when you set it to manner mode. Turn off your mobile phone in places where you need to be quiet such as during a showing at a movie theater.
If a mobile phone does not support this system, it will not ring or vibrate.
Please make inquiries to your registered mobile phone company in regards to whether your phone supports this system or not.

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