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For residents suffering from water shutdown (information about where to get water)(September 6, 2018)

Several areas in Osaka city are experiencing electric power outage due to Typhoon No. 21. Due to the outage, water pumps at some apartments stop and cause water shutdown.

If you are in an affected area, you can get water at the following places. Please bring containers to carry tap water.

Anyone, including residents outside the wards, can get water.

Places to get water (updated September 6, 2018, 10:00 am)

On road at Dekishima 1-3, Nishi Yodogawa Ward

On sidewalk at Owada 2-4-1, Nishi Yodogawa Ward

On road at Shimoshinjo 4-26, Higashi Yodogawa Ward

On sidewalk at Shimoshinjo 4-19, Higashi Yodogawa Ward

On sidewalk at Denpon1-4, Konohana Ward

(The above 5 places opened at 8am, September 6th.)

Momogaike Park, Momogaike 1-4-10, Abeno Ward

(It opened at 10am, September 6th)

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