For International Students

≪Disaster Preparation Class for Foreigners in Abeno Tasukaru≫

~Participants will receive a present of anti-disaster goods.~

What would you do when a disaster like an earthquake strikes?
There is a chance that a large earthquake may occur in Osaka, too.
Let’s learn about what you should do and where you should go when an earthquake strikes or a fire breaks out.
※There will be people who can speak English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino.

Date & Time March 13, 2021 (Saturday) 13:00~16:00
① Assemble at Abeno Life Safety Learning Center, Abeno TASUKARU
(A 5-minute walk from Exit 2 or 7 of “Abeno” station of the Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)
②Abeno Citizen’s Learning Center
(From Exit 2 and 7 of “Abeno” station of the Osaka Metro Tanimachi line, pass through the Abeno Berta passageway on the B2 Floor,
go up to the 3rd floor using the escalator.)

Fee Free

① 30minute tour (seismic intensity 7 experience, tsunami evacuation, town after an earthquake, TASUKARU Theater)
②Let’s all think about what to do when an earthquake strikes!
・Talk about disaster prevention
・About daily preparations
・Introduction of the contents of a disaster prevention bag carried out in a disaster
・How to choose what to bring when evacuating (groupwork)
・How to find an evacuation site (groupwork)

How to Apply
Please apply through the Google form (write your name, telephone number, nationality and language if you need an interpreter).
(First-come, first-served)

*We have reached full capacity, so we are ending the application.

 Inquiries and Application
Osaka International House Foundation Information Center
TEL:06-6773-8989  FAX:06-6773-8421

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