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About the Novel Coronavirus Infections (Including Telephone Consultations) Updated 5/7

COVID-19 (disease) is spreading.
Many people who have this disease have fever, a sore throat, feel weak and have difficulty in breathing.
Those who have the following symptoms are requested to consult with the Novel Coronavirus Examination Consultation Center (Consultation Center for Returnees and People who have made contact with infected people).
①Cold-like symptoms and a fever of around 37.5 that has persisted for 4 days. (Including those who have taken medicine to lower the fever)
②Very weak and difficulty in breathing
*People who are 65 years and older who have diabetes or heart problems, lung disease, are pregnant and have the symptom above for 2 or more days are requested to call and consult.

・Osaka City Novel Coronavirus Examination Consultation Center (Consultation Center for Returnees and People who have made contact with infected people)
TEL: 06-6647-0641
Hours:24H everyday

Those who do not have the above symptoms

If you would like to consult about the Novel Coronavirus, please consult with the “General Consultation Counter with regards to the Novel Coronavirus”.
For details, please visit the Osaka City homepage.

For those who wish to consult in a foreign language

Please consult with the Osaka International House Foundation Information Counter for Foreign Residents.
TEL: 06-6773-6553
Open hours: Monday-Friday 9:00~19:00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 9:00~17:30
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino

Multilingual Telephone Consultation Service Opened by AMDA International Medial Information Center
Novel Coronavirus Multilingual Consultation Center

Consultation Desk for Foreign Tourists

Foreign tourists who would like to consult are requested to see the homepage of the Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau.

Things to observe to avoid getting infected or getting others infected

・When you have a fever, do not go to school or work.
・After coming home from outside, wash your hands and gargle.
・Rub alcohol on your hands.
・Do not go to crowded places.
・Aerate your room from time to time.
・Sleep well and have a balanced meal.
・Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing.
・If you don’t have a mask when coughing or sneezing, use a tissue or your sleeve.

For details, please see the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations homepage.

A Request to All Foreign Residents



Osaka City Homepage

Osaka City Novel Coronavirus Infection Measures Support Information Website  (Machine Translation)

Osaka Prefecture Homepage
Osaka Prefectural Emergency Information Top Page

NHK WORLD HP Latest Information on the Novel Coronavirus Infection in Japan


Information Center, Osaka International House Foundation
8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku Osaka, 543-0001

Inquiries :
・Monday to Friday:9:00~19:00
・Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:9:00~17:30
※Closed during the New Year holidays(December 29 to January 3)

TEL 06-6773-8989 FAX 06-6773-8421
Online Inquiry Form

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