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Intensification of Professional Consultations at the “Information Counter for Foreign Residents” (Updated: 8/6)

Following the implementation of Japan’s Novel Coronavirus emergency measures (2nd Stage) , in addition to its current consultation service, the Osaka International House Foundation will intensify its professional consultations at the “Information Counter for Foreign Residents” to help foreigners who are faced with problems and uneasiness.

Implementation Period

From Monday, 22nd April (Wed.) to Wednewsday, March 31, 2021

・There is a schedule only for foreigners residing in Osaka City
・The consultation date and time may change depending on the situation.

Available Consultations

Legal Consultation
Legal consultation with a lawyer. (Regarding questions or concerns in daily life.)

Visa Consultation
Legal consultation with a visa lawyer. (The service is also available for Japanese people and have questions or concerns regarding employment of foreigners or international marriage etc..)

Consultation for Labor Matters
Legal consultations with a labor and social security attorney.

(Note:)The face-to-face consultation may change to telephone consultations.


専門相談 8月~11月予定(祝日)


Persons Eligible to Consult

・Foreigners who live or work in Osaka City or live in nearby cities
・Personnel of companies in Osaka City who wish to provide information to their foreign employees.
・Supporters for the foreigners mentioned above who wish to provide information to them.

 Available Languages

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino
(If needed, interpretation assistance is available.)

Consultation Limit

40 minutes per person.

Means of Consultation

Consultation in person or by Zoom meeting or telephone
※Depending on the situation, consultation would be by either telephone or online(Zoom)only.



How to Reserve

All consultations are by appointment.
Telephone number for booking an appointment: 06-6772-1127
・Monday to Friday:9:00~19:00
・Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:9:00~17:30



Information Center, Osaka International House Foundation
8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku Osaka, 543-0001

Inquiries :
・Monday to Friday:9:00~19:00
・Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:9:00~17:30
※Closed during the New Year holidays(December 29 to January 3)

TEL 06-6773-8989 FAX 06-6773-8421
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