For International Students

≪Calling for Students for the 1st Term Tanoshii Nihongo!≫The first term lessons for 2021 will be conducted online.

「The first term lessons for 2021 will be conducted online.」

This is a course to learn the necessary Japanese for life in Japan.
Volunteers with Japanese language teaching qualifications will teach the class using a textbook.
We are planning face-to-face lessons, but depending on the situation of new coronavirus infection, we may switch to WEB (online) lessons. The fee is 3,000 yen.

You can study Japanese on a weekday evening based on your level.
We will be holding a placement test to determine your class.
* This time, we are only looking for beginners 3 and 4 classes.

*In the case of WEB (online) lessons, you must have a personal computer (with a microphone and camera) and internet connection at home to join.

[Date & Time] 19:00-20:30【12 classes】

Elementary 3 class:from May 12 (Wednesday) until July 28 (Wednesday) , 2021 (Every Wedneday)
Elementary 4 class:from May 11 (Tuesday) until July 27 (Tuesday),2021 (Every Tuesday)

[Limit]  Elementary 3 class:5 people, Elementary 4 class:3 people
(First come, first served)

[Fees]  3,000 yen

[Participation Conditions]
・You need to take the Placement Test on April 20 (Tuesday)
※Appointment necessary
・You will need a computer (with a built-in microphone and camera) and an internet connection at home as it may become an online classroom (ZOOM).
・You must have a personal computer (with a microphone and camera) and internet connection at home.
※We recommend you use a computer rather than a smartphone.
・You need to buy a textbook “Minna no Nihongo 1”(\2,750)

[Placement Test Date & Time]  ※Appointment necessary
April 20 (Tuesday), 2021 19:00-20:30 About 10 minutes per person.

※You will know if you can join the class or not after the placement test.
If your level does not fit the class level, you cannot join.
If the number of students in the class is many, you may not be able to join.
Students will be chosen based on their order of application.


Please give your name, telephone number, address, desired class (Elementary 3 class or Elementary 4 class) through the google form.

[Reference:Level of each class]

【Elementary 3】You can make various expressions using verbs.
※“Minna no Nihongo Elementary 1” Chapters 13~18
(Ex.) Kyoto ni ikitai desu. / Mado wo akete kudasai.
Tabako wo suttemo iidesuka.

【Elementary 4】 You can explain or talk about your thoughts.
※“Minna no Nihongo Elementary 1” Chapters 19-25
(Ex.) Kyoto e itta koto ga arimasu.
Ashita ha ame ga furu to omoimasu.
Ame ga futtara ikimasen.


Osaka International House Foundation Information Center
TEL:06-6773-8989 FAX:06-6773-8421

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