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One-Day Information Service for Foreign Residents

Osaka International House Foundation will hold a free 1-day counseling for foreign residents where specialists will offer advice on different fields.
Consultation in person/ by telephone Pre-registration is required.

Volunteers will provide interpretation in 12 languages. Consultations will be kept confidential. 



Date & Time

July 3 (Sunday) 13:00 – 17:00


3rd Floor, International House, Osaka


Free  The person consulting will shoulder phone or internet fees.

Consultation method

Consultation in person/ by telephone (30 mins/consultation)

If you wish to consult anonymously, we will only provide telephone consultations.
Depending on the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), the consultation may be only by telephone.

Consultation Areas

Legal issues, human rights, immigration and residential status, labor, job, daily life, medical treatment, dental treatment, medicine, health insurance, pension, child rearing, education, taxes, and business management.

Available Languages with Translation

English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Nepali, Russian and Ukrainian


The application for reservations has ended. If there are any open slots, we will be receiving reservations on the day of the consultation.
We will later announce how to make a reservation on the day of consultation through this homepage and our facebook page. 

The consultation method will be sent to the e-mail address you wrote when you applied.
Please make sure that your e-mail account is set to receive e-mails from “”.
Please check your e-mail in advance to prepare for the day of the consultation.
*If you are unable to make a reservation, you may still call us on the day of the consultation to make an appointment if there is an available time. (However, there is a possibility that an interpreter may not be available.)

① Japanese・・・・・予約受付が終了しました。
② English・・・・・Acceptance of reservations has ended.
③ Chinese (中文)・・・・・事先预约已经结束
④ Korean (한국・조선어)・・・・・예약접수가 종료되었습니다.
⑤ Spanish (Español)・・・・・ La aceptación de la reserva ha finalizado.
⑥ Portugese (Português)・・・・・A aceitação da reserva terminou.
⑦ Bahasa Indonesia・・・・・Penerimaan tempahan telah tamat.
⑧ Thai (ภาษาไทย)・・・・・ การยอมรับการจองสิ้นสุดแล้ว
⑨ Filipino・・・・・Tapos na ang pagtanggap ng reserbasyon.
⑩ Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)・・・・・Việc tiếp nhận đặt chỗ đã kết thúc.
⑪ Nepali (नेपाली भाषा)・・・・・आरक्षण स्वीकृति समाप्त भएको छ।
⑫ Russian (русский)・・・・・Прием бронирования завершен.
⑬ Ukrainian (український)・・・・・Прийом бронювання закінчився.


June 23 (Thursday)


One Day Information Service Steering Committee (Coordinating Council considering how to make “Osaka: a Comfortable Place to Live for Foreigners”)


Secretariat: Osaka International House Foundation
TEL 06 – 6773 – 8989

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