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About New Coronavirus Vaccine

New Coronavirus Vaccine Reservation Status (Updated: 11/21)
About Omicron Variant Vaccination (Updated: 11/12)
About vaccination of children (6 months – 11 years old) (Updated: 11/12)
People who received the Vaccination Coupon (Updated: 11/12)
How to Make a Web Reservation (Updated: 11/12)
Where to be vaccinated /How to make a reservation online
What to bring on your vaccination day (Updated: 11/12)
FRESC multilingual vaccination support
Vaccination Certificate (Vaccine Passport) 

<Important Announcement!>

Vaccination is available at free of charge. The interval period for Omicron variant vaccination has been changed from 5 months to 3 months after the last vaccination. From October 17 (Monday) a new vaccine produced by Moderna which is effective for Omicron variant has been started dosing. For your information, the supply of conventional vaccine for the 1st and the 2nd vaccination from the government is going to be suspended by the end of this year, 2022. Since Omicron variant vaccination cannot be dosed unless you have finished the 1st and the 2nd vaccinations, you are requested to plan to finish the vaccinations by the end of the year.  The venue where you can have the 1st and the 2nd vaccination is  available medical institutes  (Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax) and Osaka Prefecture Hotel Primrose Vaccination Center (Moderna and Novavax) 

New Coronavirus Vaccine Reservation Status

Venue Yasuragi Tenku Kan Ogimachi Pool Oscar Dream
Reservation receipt date November 21 (Monday), 2022 9:00~
Vaccination date November 28 (Monday), 2022 ~ December 11 (Sunday), 2022
Suspension date December 12, 2022, December 28, 2022 ~ January 4, 2023, and January 9, 2023 December 7, 2022, December 12, 2022, and December 28, 2022 ~January 4, 2023 December 13, 2023
Target person

〈People who can receive the 5th vaccination〉
・Osaka City residents over 18 years of age who got their 4th vaccination more than 3 months ago.

〈People who can receive the 4th vaccination〉
・Osaka City residents over 18 years of age who got their 3rd vaccination more than 3 months ago.

〈People who can receive the 3rd vaccination〉
・Osaka City residents over 18 years of age who got their 2nd vaccination more than 3 months ago.

Vaccine type Omicron variant vaccine made by Moderna

Click here for how to reserve.

・Group vaccination at the venue in each ward has been teminated.
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About Omicron Variant Vaccination

Omicron variant vaccine is effective both for conventional coronavirus and Omicron variant.

[Target person to be vaccinated]
Osaka City citizens who have finished the initial (1st or 2nd) vaccination and over 12 years of age.

Omicron Variant Vaccine Target person for 1st or 2nd dose Target person for 3rd or upward dose
Pfizer Not allowed Over 12 years of age
Moderna Not allowed Over 18 years of age

※Currently it is allowed to dose Omicron variant vaccine just one time per person.
※The vaccine to be initially used is applicable for BA.1. The vaccination start date of BA.4 or BA.5 applicable one is as shown below.

Individual Vaccination
(Medical institution in charge)
Group Vaccination
Vaccine to be used Pfizer Moderna
Vaccination start date  November 14 (Monday), Reiwa 4 (2022) onwards Will be announced when decided

[Interval for Vaccination]
More than 3 months from the last vaccination date.
※The interval time may be shorter in future.

[Vaccination Coupon]

[How to Make Reservation]
Medical Institutions in Charge
Please make a reservation at your desired medical institution directly.
Group Vaccination Venue in Osaka City
You can make a reservation at “Online Reservation Site” or “Osaka City Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center”.

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About vaccination of children (6 months -11 years old)

Osaka City is now vaccinating infants aged 6 months to 4 years and children aged 5 to 11 years.
* Vaccination is not mandatory. Before having your child vaccinated, make sure you understand both the protective effects of the vaccine and the risk of side effects.
Click here for the leaflets. (Infants (6 months – 4 years) / Children (5 – 11 years)
Click here for Osaka City webpage. (Infants (6 months – 4 years)/ Children(5 – 11 years)


Infants(6 months – 4 years) Children(5 – 11 years)
Target person Osaka City citizen of 6 months – 4 years age. *Parental consent and guidance required. Osaka City citizen of 5 – 11 years age.
*Parental consent and guidance required.
Times of vaccination 3 times
Vaccination period From November 9 (Wednesday), 2022 to March 31 (Friday), 2023.

*Can be vaccinated on receipt of vaccination coupon.

*Vaccination start date varies by medical institution. Check to the medical institution for the details.

*Vaccination is available from the previous day to complete 6 months from the birth.

*To complete 3-time vaccinations, the 1st one must be finished basically by January 13 (Friday), 2023.

Until March 31 (Friday), 2023
Interval of vaccination 2nd vaccination: Usually 3 weeks from the 1st vaccination
3rd vaccination: More than 8 weeks from the 2nd vaccination
2nd vaccination: Usually 3 weeks from the 1st vaccination
3rd vaccination: More than 5 months from the 2nd vaccination
Type of vaccine Pfizer’s vaccine for infants (6 months – 4 years) Pfizer’s vaccine for children (5 – 11 years)
Items to be sent Check here.

*Initial vaccination for infants is completed by receiving 3 times doses.
Medical interview sheets consist of 3 pieces.

How to reserve Pediatrics or medical institutions to take care of children
Please reserve at preferred medical institutions. Reservation fee is free.
*Not available at the group vaccination sites.
What to bring on the day of the vaccination These items

②Maternal and Child Health Handbook

③Drug History Handbook (if you have)

Osaka City Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center

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To Those Who Received the Vaccination Coupon

Check the contents of the envelop.

1st, 2nd Vaccination 3rd Vaccination 4th Vaccination 5th Vaccination

・Carefully keep the items in the envelope.
①Medical Interview Sheet for Novel Coronavirus Vaccination (for additional dose )
【Combined Sheet with Vaccination Coupon】 


②Vaccination Coupon

・The coupon to have vaccination.
・Vaccination is given 2 times.
・Keep this coupon after you finish the 1st vaccination.
*This is required to have the 2nd vaccination and please carefully keep.
③Medical Interview Sheets, 2 pieces
・This is to describe your health conditions before having vaccination.
Medical Interview Sheet is required to have vaccination.
・For 2 times of vaccinations, it is required to fill in the 2 sheets.
*As Medical Interview Sheet is required for the 2nd vaccination, carefully keep it.
When you have the 1st vaccination at some Osaka City site, please reserve the 2nd vaccination at the same site.
*The sample of Medical Interview Sheet is here.
(Health, Labor & Welfare Ministry)
*There are additional questions on the Sheet of Osaka City. Additional questions are here.
*The samples in foreign languages are here.
Please complete the Medical Interview Sheet written in Japanese that you receive referring to the samples.
How to fill in the Sheet is here.
④Certificate of Completed Novel Coronavirus Vaccination (Temporary Vaccination)

⑤Notice of Novel Coronavirus Vaccination

⑥Explanation Document about Novel Coronavirus Vaccination

・Describing about vaccination.
・Please read it carefully, as it describes about those who can’t receive vaccination, the points that you need to confirm to the doctors (what you have to make sure) when you have vaccination, the symptom that you may suffer after the vaccination, such as pain at your arm or being feverish.
*Multi-language version of the explanation can be seen here. 

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Where to be Vaccinated / How to make a Reservation

You can choose to receive the vaccination at a hospital that can be vaccinated or at a facility in Osaka City.

Where to get the vaccine Reservation method
Medical Institution in charge (Individual vaccination) Ask if you can get the vaccine at the hospital.
・ If possible, please make a reservation at the hospital as it is.
・ If you cannot, you can get at the facility in the column below ② in Osaka City.
② Facilities in Osaka City

・Yasuragi Tenkukan Mass Vaccination Center
4-19-115 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka City

・ Ogimachi Pool Mass Vaccination Center
1-1Ogimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka City(Indide Ogimachi Park)

・ Oscar Dream Mass Vaccination Center
(2F) 1-2-1 Shin Kitajima Suminoe-ku, Osaka City

・Reservations can be made online and by phone. Please call the Osaka City New Corona Vaccine Call Center.



How to make a Reservation Online

  • You can scroll the PDF below.

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What to bring on your vaccination day

Vaccination Coupon
▼Do not peel off the stickers on this form. Please bring this form to the vaccination site.
▼The right side of this form is your “Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19.” Even after receiving your vaccination, please keep your certificate safe for future reference.

※Fill it out beforehand and bring this.

Personal Identification Document (One of the following)
Residence Card Health Insurance Card Passport Driver’s license, etc.





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FRESC multilingual vaccination support(Acceptance of reservations have ended.)

The Immigration Services Agency of Japan provides “FRESC Multilingual Vaccination Support” to give multilingual support for vaccination and vaccination reservations for foreigners who have not yet been vaccinated.
FRESC Help Desk

Tel: 0120-76-2029

Monday ~ Friday

9:00~17:00(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

For more information, please refer to the FRESC Multilingual Vaccination Support Leaflet.

日本語 (PDF)
한국어 (PDF)
Tiếng Việt(PDF)
Bahasa Indonesia(PDF)
नेपाली भाषा(PDF)

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Vaccination Certificate

Those who have been vaccinated with the novel corona vaccine will be issued a vaccination certificate (vaccine passport) if a vaccination certificate is required. Please apply by email or smartphone app.

* You cannot apply at the counter.

* Click here (Japanese only) for a list of countries / regions where Vaccine Passport can be used.
* In Japan, vaccination certificates and vaccination records can be used as documents to prove the fact of vaccination.

【How to apply】

1.Paper version
【Overseas and domestic use】(Only in Japanese and English)
【Domestic use】(Only in Japanese and English)

2.Electronic version
Click here for what you need and how to use it(Only in Japanese)


Osaka City Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center

Osaka City Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center

TEL:06-6377-5670(If you cannot use Navi Dial, please call us through this number)
Reception period: 9: 00-21: 00 (open everyday)
※The call center responds to inquiries in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai (Available only from 9:00 to 18:00), Filipino(Available only from 9:00 to 17:30 on weekdays), Vietnamese (Available only from 10:00 to 19:00).

For more information, please see the Osaka City Website
You can read the overview on this page.For more details, please use the machine translation on the Japanese page of the Osaka City homepage. (How to use the machine translation on the Osaka City website)

About novel coronavirus vaccination information
About the schedule(indefinite)
Where to get the vaccination
The priority to get the vaccination
How to book to get the vaccination
The fee for the vaccination
About the agreement for getting the vaccination
The call center


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