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One-Day Information Service for Foreign Residents (Registration on the Day)

Osaka International House Foundation will hold a free 1-day counseling for foreign residents where specialists will offer advice on different fields.
Consultation is available either in person or by telephone, whichever you can choose.
On the day, interpretor volunteers for 8 languages are available based on prior reservation status.
※Available 8 languages are; English, Chinese, Filipino, Spanish, Nepali, Indonesian, Thai and Russian.
Those who would like to have consultation are requested to call a dedicated phone number:08037182176 for the reservation on the day during 12:40 to 16:00 on December 4 (Sunday). 

Examples of consultation topics:

“Human Rights”:  Apartment cannot be rent, or treatment on the job is discriminatory just because of being a foreigner.

“Business Management”: How to raise a company, or what are the necessary documents or procedures.

“Tax”:  About year-end tax adjustment, or regading tax reduction / exemption.

“Child Care”: About procedures to enter kindergarten or primary school, as for subsidies.

“Medicine”: Consultation about side-effects, or advices for medicines sold at drugstores.

※ Please note that reservation capacity is limited and interpretation support may not be available in some case. Also, as being first-come-first-service basis, all the requests may not be accepted.

Consultations will be kept confidential. 


Date & Time

December 4 (Sunday) 13:00 – 17:00


Sakura room on the 2nd Floor, International House, Osaka


Free  The phone or internet fees shall be born by the applicant.

Consultation method

Consultation in person/ by telephone (30 mins/consultation)

In case of consultation in person, please make sure to take your temperature and do sterilization at the entrance of the venue to protect Corona virus infection, and ware the mask in the room.
If you wish to consult anonymously, we will only provide telephone consultations.

Depending on the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), the consultation may be only by telephone.

Consultation Areas

Legal issues, human rights, immigration and residential status, labor, job, daily life, medical treatment, dental treatment, medicine, health insurance, pension, child rearing, education, taxes, and business management.


One Day Information Service Steering Committee (Coordinating Council considering how to make “Osaka: a Comfortable Place to Live for Foreigners”)


Secretariat: Osaka International House Foundation
TEL 06 – 6773 – 8989

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