About The Third Novel Coronavirus Vaccination

In Osaka City, the third vaccination for booster shots will be given from December 1st (Wednesday) to people who received the second vaccination more than 8 months ago. People who have received the vaccination coupon sent to their home can make a reservation.

〈Reservation status〉
Click here for the reservation status of the new coronavirus vaccination.

When getting the vaccine, it is necessary to understand the effects of the vaccine and the risk to your body when agreeing to get vaccinated.

【People who can Receive the Vaccination】

・People who are 18 years old and older and 8 months have passed after receiving the second vaccination.

* However, the following people (① or ②) can receive the third vaccination , even if they have not been vaccinated for more than 8 months.
① Healthcare workers,  residents and workers of the facilities for the elderly, etc. and the second vaccination date was over 6 month ago.
② Other than ①, people who are 65 years old or older and who have been vaccinated for the second time over 7 months ago. * The vaccination will be start on February 1 2022.

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【Issuance of Vaccination Coupons】

・ Osaka City residents who can receive the third vaccination will be sent a vaccination coupon and Questionnaire, etc. by mail to the address written on their residence certificate.
・ For people who have moved to Osaka City after their second vaccination and have not received the vaccination coupon even after 8 months have passed, please apply for the vaccination coupon issuance.
In addition, if you have lost or damaged the vaccination coupon, it is necessary to apply for a reissuance of the vaccination coupon.

You can apply for issuance (reissuance) online, by call center, or sending an application form by mail.

【What will arrive at your home】

The day when you received the second vaccination (2021) Date of Sending (plan)
(People over 65 years old)
Date of Sending (plan)
(People under 64 years old)
Before April November 26 (Friday) 2021 November 26th (Friday) 2021
May 1-31 December 21 (Tuesday) 2021 December 21 (Tuesday) 2021
June 1-19 January 5 (Wednesday) 2022 January 5 (Wednesday) 2022
June 20-26 January 17 (Monday) 2022 January 17 (Monday) 2022
June 27-July 6 January 24 (Monday) 2022 February 21 (Monday) 2022
July 7-July 13 January 31 (Monday) 2022 February 28 (Monday) 2022
July 14-July 20 February 7 (Monday) 2022 March 7 (Monday) 2022
July 21-July 27 February 14 (Monday) 2022 March 14 (Monday) 2022
July 28-August 3 As soon as it is decided, we will inform you on the homepage of Osaka City, etc. March 22 (Tuesday) 2022
After August 4 As soon as it is decided, we will inform you on the homepage of Osaka City, etc. As soon as it is decided, we will inform you on the homepage of Osaka City, etc.


【The Vaccination Sites】

・Individual vaccination (Handling medical institution)
・Mass vaccination (Yasuragi Tenkukan Mass Vaccination Center)
・Mass vaccination (Shiromi Hall Mass Vaccination Center (Inside Osaka-Jo Hall))

* Uses Pfizer’s vaccine. However, you can  receive the Takeda / Moderna’s vaccine at Yasuragi Tenkukan Mass Vaccination Center from January 11 2022.

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【How to fill out the questionnaire】


What to bring on the day of vaccination

①Vaccination Coupon and questionnaire (for the third vaccination)
※Please fill out the questionnaire and bring it with you.
②Novel coronavirus vaccine vaccination certificate (temporary vaccination)
③Personal Identification Document (One of the following)
・Residence Card
・Health Insurance Card
・Driver’s license, etc.


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How to make a reservation online


【Facilities where you can use foreign languages】

Foreign languages can be used at Yasuragi Tenkukan Mass Vaccination Center  and Shiromi Hall Mass Vaccination Center.

・Talk in various languages about your body, information about where to get the vaccine shot, and questions to doctors.
・With machine translation, you can find out how to get a vaccination.

◆Available foreign languages
English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Russia, Tagalog, French, Hindi, Mongolian, Indonesian, Nepali, Persian, Myanmar, Cantonese, German

◆Foreign languages with machine translation
Foreign languages from 90 countries such as Swedish and Bengali

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