What is the procedure for moving into Osaka City from another municipality?

You should notify the counter responsible for resident information at the ward office of your new address.

【Who should notify】
The person who is moving in or the head of the household
A proxy can carry out the procedure (power of attorney is necessary).
※ A relative also needs a power of attorney document, if he/she belongs to another household.

【When to notify】
Within 14 days of moving the address

【You will need】
(1) Personal seal (not necessary if the notification is signed in person)
(2) Tenshutsu Shomeisho (certificate of moving out; not necessary if you are moving within Osaka City or if you have submitted the Tokurei Tenshutsu Todoke, a special case notification, at the municipal/ward office of your old address)
(3) Certificate of special permanent resident or Residence Card
(4) Pension handbook (if you are a Category 1 National Pension insured person)
(5) MyNumber notification card or MyNumber card of all those who are moving in

Please inquire at the municipal/ward office for details.
◆ For residents in Osaka City.


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