Volunteer Interpreters/Translators in Times of Disaster

We are looking for “Volunteer Interpreters and Translators in Times of Disaster”, who will provide foreign language support to foreigners when a disaster occurs. This volunteer system is based on the “Multilingual Support System in times of disaster” agreement that was signed at the Kinki Council of Local Authorities for International Relations in December 2007, which Osaka International Foundation joined and is conducting multilingual support and cooperaton for anticipated disasters throughout the Kinki region.

Activity Details

  1. Operation and recruitment of volunteers is conducted based on the Multilingual Support System in times of disaster which is established by the Kinki Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, composed of 5 Prefectures and 4 designated cities.
  2. Interpretation and translation activities will be conducted at central support facilities, such as Multilingual Support Centers, which would be set up in a disaster area after an earthquake or any large-scale disaster.
  3. When the Kinki Council of Local Authorities for International Relations is requested to support an area outside the Kinki region where a large-scale disaster has occurred, your assistance will be required.
  4. Volunteer insurance and transportation fees will be paid as required by the dispatching association based on their own standards.
  5. You will be asked to participate in a training held once a year to improve your skills as a volunteer.

Application Requirement

  1. People who live in Osaka Prefecture and can communicate in Japanese and a foreign language can register.
    ※Minors have to get a letter of consent from their guardians.
    ※Due to lack of language proficiency or other reasons, registration may not be accepted in some cases.
  2. Those who can participate in activities in disaster-affected areas.We will confirm your ability to take part each time.
  3. Those who can participate in the training held once a year.
  4. No preference for nationality

How to Apply

Download and fill out the application form with the necessary information and submit it to Osaka International Foundation by post or FAX.

Registration to “i-house Volunteer Bank “ is necessary before applying for “Interpreter and Translator Volunteers in times of disaster” .

・For those who have already registered in the “I-house Volunteer Bank”, click this link:⇒Application Form Download(PDF形式)
・For those who have not registered in the “I-house Volunteer Bank”, click this link:⇒I-house Volunteer Bank Registration


Information Center, Osaka International House Foundation
8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku Osaka, 543-0001

Inquiries :
・Monday to Friday:9:00~19:00
・Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:9:00~17:30
※Closed during the New Year holidays(December 29 to January 3)

TEL 06-6773-8989 FAX 06-6773-8421
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