Projects Contributing to the Promotion of International Exchange and Cooperation

 We are advancing projects toward the promotion of mutual exchange and cultural understanding on a citizen level, as well as promoting the understanding of international exchange and cooperation so that people of different nationalities  and ethnicities can have a world view, accepting each other’s culture and live together as a part of the local community.

Projects Contributing to the Creation of a Community where Foreigners can Live Comfortably

We are advancing projects towards realizing a multicultural society that creates vitality through a community where foreign residents and local residents live together and participate as members of the local community.

Projects Contributing to Training of Globalization Leaders

We are advancing projects to create an environment that would promote international exchange where the citizens are the leaders by training international exchange leaders, utilizing volunteers and getting the support and cooperation of international associations and other organizations.

Information Provision Projects Contributing to Internationalization

We have set-up and operate on the 1st floor of International House Osaka an Information Center that serves as a hub for providing information and multilingual consultation while collaborating with administrative institutions, and at the same time also provides and collects books and materials related to international exchange and cooperation, multiculturalism, etc.  Furthermore, it strives to accurately provide and disseminate information needed by local residents and foreigners who live or visit Osaka by collecting information on life in Japan, Japanese and overseas culture, international exchange and cooperation, volunteer activities, etc.


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