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“I-House Volunteer Bank” is a volunteer registration system established by the International House, Osaka. By promoting voluntary international exchange activities at the citizen level throughout the Kansai region centered on Osaka, we aim to foster an international sense and improve the hospitality of each and every citizen. Please participate in volunteer activities where you can interact and deepen your understanding by interacting directly with foreigners.
To register for the i-House Volunteer Bank, you need to submit documents and have an interview.



The type, content, qualifications, etc. of the activity.

ボランティアの種類、活動内容、資格など(PDFファイル )

Result of activity

アイハウス・ボランティア活動実績(PDFファイル )

How to register





Volunteer activity insurance

I-House volunteer activities are covered by Osaka City Citizen’s Activity Insurance, so you can work with no worry (There is no personal insurance premium, but it also applies to people living outside Osaka City.)


  • Volunteer activities are basically unpaid.
  • The activities presented are limited to those sponsored by the Foundation or requested by public interest organizations.
  • We do not accept requests from individuals or private companies.

We look forward to your participation in compliance with the rules, warm consideration for others, and responsibility for what you have done.

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