Where can I obtain a copy of my Jumin-hyo (residence certificate)?

The copy of your Jumin-hyo and the Jumin-hyo Kisaijiko Shomeisho (certificate of information recorded on the Jumin-hyo) can be issued at a fee by the municipal/ward office where you are registered as a resident.  If you live in Osaka City, these documents can be issued at:  Osaka City ward offices, branch offices, Service Counters located near the Umeda, Namba, and Tennoji Stations, Osaka City Hall Residence Certification / Family Register Certification Application Section, convenience stores (only those with multi-purpose copy machines), and one post office in Osaka City.
※ There is a fee required for this service.
Please inquire at the municipal/ward office for details.
◆ For residents in Osaka City.


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