For International Students

  1. Free Consultations for Foreign Residents about Immigration & Naturalization Procedures

    We will hold free visa consultations. Procedures such as change of status of residence, naturalization can be cons…

  2. Guide to the Special Fixed-Sum Cash Benefit Program(Update: 9/29)

    Guide to the Special Fixed-Sum Cash Benefit Program ~Special Fixed-Sum Cash Benefit FAQ Updated~

  3. About the Novel Coronavirus Infections (Including Telephone Consultations) Updated 5/7

    COVID-19 (disease) is spreading. Many people who have this disease have fever, a sore throat, feel weak and have difficulty in breathing. Those who have the following symptoms are requested to consult with the Novel Coronavirus Examination Consultation Center (Consultation Center for Returnees and People who have made contact with infected people). ①Cold-like symptoms and […]

  4. About Cancellation/Postponements of Events Sponsored by Osaka International House Foundation (including co-sponsored) Related to Measures against New Coronavirus Infection. (Updated: 3/18)

    Osaka International House Foundation has responded…

  5. Fureai Salon (Conversation in Japanese)

    To prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we…

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