1. Calling for Students for the 3rd Term Tanoshii Nihongo!

    This is an online class to learn the necessary Japanese for life in Japan.Volunteers with Japanese language teaching…

  2. Calligraphy experience 《For foreigners》

    There are many kanji that have deep meaning and co…

  3. One-Day Information Service for Foreign Residents

    Osaka International House Foundation will have a f…

  4. The Information Center will reopen (October 1~)

    Osaka International House will reopen on October 1…

  5. Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Information (Updated: 11/29)

    Information Updated!

  6. “Sunday Japanese Salon” has been held.

  7. Novel coronavirus related support information

  8. About the Novel Coronavirus Infections (Including Telephone Consultations) Updated 5/7

  9. About Osaka International House

  10. The Open Hours of Information Center will Change!

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