1. Experience the Disaster Prevention Training for Foreigners in Assemble at Abeno Life Safety Learning Center, Abenotasukaru

    When a disaster like an earthquake strikes, what do you do?There is a chance that a there will be a large earthquake…

  2. About Cancellation/Postponements of Events Sponsored by Osaka International House Foundation (including co-sponsored) Related to Measures against New Coronavirus Infection. (Updated: 2/27)

    Osaka International House Foundation has responded…

  3. Disaster Prevention Training for Foreigners: “What you can do when a disaster occurs”

    When a huge disaster occurs, Osaka International H…

  4. Outbreak of Pneumonia in Wuhan, China, Related to the Novel Coronavirus.

    Since December last year, there has been an outbre…

  5. Japanese Film Screening with English subtitles 

    The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office and Osaka Intern…

  6. Pre-school for Children of Foreign Roots

  7. Fureai Salon (Conversation in Japanese)

  8. About Osaka International House

  9. The Open Hours of Information Center will Change!

  10. Sunday Japanese Salon

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