1. The Closure of the Information Center from April 9 to May 5

    The Information Center will be closed from Friday, April 9 to Wednesday, May 5.

  2. ≪Calling for Students for the 1st Term Tanoshii Nihongo!≫The first term lessons for 2021 will be conducted online.

    「The first term lessons for 2021 will be conducted…

  3. Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Information

    About the Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Informatio…

  4. Novel coronavirus related support information

    This is a homepage of useful information in Japane…

  5. Chuo Ward Discovery event

  6. Guide to the Special Fixed-Sum Cash Benefit Program(Update: 9/29)

  7. Intensification of Professional Consultations at the “Information Counter for Foreign Residents” (Updated: 8/6)

  8. About the Novel Coronavirus Infections (Including Telephone Consultations) Updated 5/7

  9. Announcement of “Kodomo Hiroba” Class Suspension (Updated: 4/3)

  10. ≪Disaster Preparation Class for Foreigners in Abeno Tasukaru≫

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