Services for Foreigners Residents

Information Counter

We provide general information for living in Osaka City and references to many other organizations enrolled in help foreigners in Japan.

Tel: 06-6773-8989
Everyday (including Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays)
9:00 to 21:00
Languages available: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean

Information Counter for Foreign Residents

We provide general living information for foreign residents of Osaka City in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Tel: 06-6773-6533
Everyday 9:00 to 21:00

Languages available:
English, Chinese, Korean

Language & Culture

To help promote the development of a multicultural society, we offer classes of Japanese language focused on Japanese daily conversation.

We offer an opportunity for Foreign and Japanese children to experience and enjoy different cultures and languages using Japanese and international picture books.
i-house International Picture Book Readings “AI-AI”

For foreign children who are studying in Japanese elementary schools, we offer assistance to help the children improve their understandings of what they learn in school.
Kodomo Hiroba

Events Calendar

  • International Exchange Events (i-house)

i-house E-Newsletter

We deliver a newsletter containing useful information on living in Osaka as well as updates on events and more.

Living Information websites

Multi-language information of Osaka City
Information from Osaka-city

Hall・Meeting Rooms

The i-house is a facility that offers halls, conference rooms and restaurants which are suitable for symposiums, concerts, seminars, exhibition and more.

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