I moved out of Osaka City but could not go to the ward office of my old address before moving. How can I carry out the moving-out procedure?

You need the Tenshutsu Shomeisho (certificate of moving out) in order to officially move in to the municipality of your new address.  If you moved out without submitting the notification of moving out, you may request the Tenshutsu Shomeisho by post.

【Who should make the request】
The person who moved out or the head of the household

【To whom you should send the request】
Send the request by mail to the counter responsible for resident information at the ward office of your former address.

【Documents to be enclosed with the request】
(1) Notification of moving out
※ Use a sheet of paper (letter paper, etc.) to write down (a) to (f) below:
(a) Your address and name, with your personal seal affixed, and contact information (telephone number, etc.)
(b) Former address and head of the household
(c) New address and head of the household
(d) Nationality
(e) Date of move
(f) Names of all the persons moving out

(2) Copy of identification document (Residence Card, driver’s licence, health insurance card, etc.)

(3) Return envelope, with your name and new address written on it with stamp of appropriate postage
※ The issuing of the certificate of moving out is free of charge.
※ When a request for the certificate of moving out is made by post, the ward office will send a post card to the old address for confirmation.

Please inquire at the city hall or ward office for details.
◆ For residents in Osaka City.


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