The project contributing to the community improvement that foreigners can live comfortable

We are advancing projects towards realizing a multicultural society that creates vitality through a community where foreign residents and local residents live together and participate as members of the local community.

1 day information service for foreigners

Japanese language learning support project

Japanese language and learning support for preschoolers and direct children
(Children who came to Japan after graduating from junior high school in their home country)

Daily Japanese course management project

Foreigner support network improvement project in times of Disaster

About Multiple language support center
・Volunteer Interpreters / volunteer Translators in times of disaster wanted
Disaster guide

Foreign community cooperation project

Foreign residents support project assuming Multicultural Societies

International school support with citizen fund-raising project

International students support project

Projects to Support International Students
International students support with citizen fund-raising project
Creating and Managing International student information web-site

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