Projects to Support International Students

Osaka International House Foundation strives to support the foreign students who act as a bridge between Osaka and their homelands, contribute to the development of the region, and will play a significant role in the progress of international exchange in the future.


(1) Support of Exchange Students’ Search for Employment

To enable foreign exchange students to utilize their knowledge and skills by obtaining employment in Osaka after graduation, Osaka International House Foundation assists their search for employment through cooperation with relevant organizations and offering guidance.

(2) Rental Accommodation for Exchange Students

Osaka International House Foundation manages 48 single apartments and 6 family apartments, developed under the “Rental Housing for Special Public Purposes” scheme and available for lease to self-funded foreign exchange students.

(3) Cultural Exchange

Invitations to cultural events
Special Admission Scheme for entry to cultural facilities
Osaka Foreign Students Music Festival

(4) Consultation for Foreign Exchange Students

Osaka International House Foundation provides various services such as legal consultation to help foreign exchange students overcome any difficulties they may encounter.

(5) Citizen’s Fund to Support Foreign Students

Osaka International House Foundation collects donations from citizens and corporations for the purpose of assisting foreign exchange students by providing loans for living, medical and education expenses, and temporary visits to their home country. The Foundation also administers scholarships to individual students according to the intentions of their corporate benefactors.


Information Center, Osaka International House Foundation
8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku Osaka, 543-0001

Inquiries :
・Monday to Friday:9:00~19:00
・Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:9:00~17:30
※Closed during the New Year holidays(December 29 to January 3)

TEL 06-6773-8989 FAX 06-6773-8421
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