I got a job and was enrolled in the company’s health insurance program, but received notification of the National Health Insurance premium. What should I do?

Please submit a notification of termination of National Health Insurance coverage to the National Health Insurance counter at the municipal/ward office of your residence.

※ Enrollment in a company’s employee health insurance program does not automatically cancel your National Health Insurance coverage.

【Documents required】
It will be necessary to write the MyNumber of the head of the household and the applicant on the application form and to present MyNumber confirmation documents.

(1) Document for confirmation of MyNumber (MyNumber notification card, etc.).
(2) Identification document (Residence Card, etc.)
(3) Personal seal (not necessary if the application is signed in person)
(4) National Health Insurance Certificate
(5) Certificate of the company’s health insurance program (or a certificate that you are qualified to join the company’s health insurance program)

※ Following this procedure, your National Health Insurance premium will be calculated retroactively to the date your coverage was discontinued, and you will be reimbursed or billed for the difference resulting from this calculation.

Please inquire at the municipal/ward office of your residence for further details.
◆ For residents in Osaka City.


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