Child Rearing

Are there any places where I can bring my child?

There is a museum for children called Kids Plaza Osaka. There are leisure complex facilities called Maishima Sports Islands (In Japanese only) and Flower Festival Memorial Park (In Japanese only).

My visa has expired and I have illegally overstayed. What should I do?

You must immediately report your situation to the Immigration Bureau.
If you come in person and explain your illegal overstay, you will not be put into custody. You will be able to undergo simple procedures to leave the country. Please have your valid passport available at all times. Under this case, you will not be permitted to enter Japan for one year starting from your departure date.
For other cases, please refer to the Immigration Bureau’s website.

Can single parent families receive financial assistance?

Single parent families may receive some financial assistance, which will allow them to pay a portion of the required payments related to child rearing, insured medical examinations and hospital meals. For further information, please contact your local ward’s Public Health and Welfare Center.


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