Child Rearing

How can I obtain the Mother and Child Health booklet and the prenatal health check booklet?

As soon as you learn of the pregnancy, notify the department responsible for public health at the municipal/ward office of your residence (if you live in Osaka City, to the Public Health and Welfare Center of your ward).

For the notification procedure, you will need to present a document showing your MyNumber and identification document (certificate of special permanent resident or Residence Card).

If someone other than the expectant mother is going to submit the notification, it will be necessary to bring a document showing the expectant mother’s MyNumber, power of attorney prepared by her, and identification document of the proxy (driver’s license, etc.).

Following this procedure, the Mother and Child Health booklet or the prenatal health check booklet will be issued.
Please inquire at the municipal/ward office of your residence for details.
◆ For residents in Osaka City.

How can I apply to use a childcare facility?

To apply for use of a childcare facility in Osaka City, a parent of the child should fill in the designated application form and submit it to the childcare office at the Public Health and Welfare Center of their ward.

*If you would like to start receiving childcare services in April, applications are received from around October of the previous year.  Applications for starting in the middle of a fiscal year should be submitted by the 5th of the month before the month you would like to start.

【Documents required】
(1) Application for approval of childcare service & application of childcare service
(2) Questionnaire (used for the coordination/matching of user and facility)
(3) Confirmation slip
(4) MyNumber declaration form
(5) Document supporting use of childcare facility (the type of document will vary depending on the reason you require childcare service)
(6) Taxation certificate for municipal resident tax (if you moved to Osaka City from another city, etc.)

Please inquire at the municipal/ward office of your residence for details.
◆ For residents in Osaka City.

My child has arrived in Japan. Can he/she enter a Japanese elementary school (junior high school)?

Please explain the procedure for admission to an elementary / junior high school.

The procedure for admission to an Osaka municipal elementary or junior high school is as follows:

 Elementary school:  children completing 6 years of age by April 1 of the year
 Junior high school:  children expected to graduate from elementary school

Please note that items (1) to (3) and (5) apply only to wards adopting the free choice system allowing applicants to choose the school.

(1) Around early September, the ward office will send you a guide of schools and a questionnaire as to the desired school.
(2) The parent should return the questionnaire to the ward office by the end of October (may differ depending on the year).
(3) If the number of applicants wishing to enter a school exceeds the school’s capacity, a draw will be organized early in December.
(4) Applicants will receive notice of admission late in December.
(5) By mid-February, additional draws will be organized to elect applicants from the reserves list.
(6) At the time of admission in April, the parent and child will go to the designated school, bringing with them the notification of admission.
(7) The entrance ceremony will be held early in April.  The school will send information on the details, including exact date and time of the ceremony.
(8) If you do not receive a notification of admission, or if you intend to put your child in a national or private school, please consult with the group in charge of school enrollment at the ward office of your residence.

◆ For details please refer to.

※ If you live outside Osaka City, please inquire at the municipal/ward office of your residence for details.

What is the procedure for admission to a senior high school?

In Japan, senior high school is not part of compulsory education.  To enroll in a senior high school, the student must have received the equivalent of a Japanese elementary and junior high school education of nine years in a foreign country (schools for Japanese children do not apply) and pass the entrance examination.

If the student wishes to enroll in a public senior high school in Osaka Prefecture, you should consult with the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education (group responsible for senior high school education, tel: 06-6944-6887).  If the desired high school is a private school, please contact the school directly.

Who should I consult about bullying at school?

You can contact the Telephone Consultation Service on Education and the 24- Hour Children SOS Hotline.

【Telephone Consultation Service on Education】
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 19:00
(Except national holidays and year-end / New Year holidays)
 For parents:  06-4301-3141
 For children: 06-4301-3140

【24-Hour Children SOS Hotline】
0120-0-78310 (Some IP Phones may not be able to connect to this number.)


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