Where should I go to seek shelter?

Shelters include Regional Evacuation Areas and Evacuation Shelters. See the Office of Emergency Management, Osaka City Website for further information on an evacuation site near you.

Is there a place where I can practice experiencing an earthquake?

You can experience what a real earthquake is like and learn about natural disasters at the Osaka City Abeno Life Safety Learning Center (In Japanese only)

What should I do if there is an earthquake?

First, remain calm and respond to conditions as they arise.
For further information, please refer to the following website (only japanese).

I am looking for housing, what should I do?

Generally, you can check for information at private real estate agencies. You can also find housing information on municipal, prefectural, and private housing at the Osaka Municipal Housing Information Center.

Please tell me how to separate my trash.

Please refer to the following on how to sort out your trash.

What do I need to do when throwing out bulky waste?

A service charge will be applied when throwing out bulky waste. You must first call the Bulky Waste Collection Center. You must confirm the cost of the bulky waste you wish to throw out with the center. Then go to your local supermarket, post office or convenience store to purchase “Bulky Waste Disposal Charge Coupons” (stickers). When the center gives you an appointed day you have to stick on the coupons to the bulky waste.

Where are famous sightseeing spots in Osaka?

There are a lot of famous sightseeing spots such as Osaka Castle Park, Shitennoji Temple and Bay Area. For the details, please refer:
Osaka Castle Park (In Japanese only)
Shitennoji Temple (In Japanese only)
Bay Area (In Japanese only)
Osaka Information

How do you call for an ambulance?

Dial 119. You can dial 119 from a portable phone or a landline.
On payphones there is a special button that will automatically dial 119 if you press it.

What should I do if I lose something?

First, please check in the area where you lost it whether someone returned what you lost. If it could not be found, or if you are not sure where you lost it, go to the nearest police box/station and file a report of loss.

What should I do if I cause a traffic accident?

If you cause a traffic accident, if there is somebody injured, rescue that person first. If there is a need to call an ambulance, dial “119” and make a report. After that, dial “110” to make a report with the police. Calmly report the accident and give the place of the accident, your name and telephone number.


What should I do if I become a victim of theft or snatching?

Call “110” to contact the police and report your situation by giving the date, time, and place where the theft happened and what was stolen.


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