Medical Treatment

I have a health insurance card. But if medical expenses are too high can I receive some benefits?

If certain requirements are met, you may be able to receive a financial benefit for the portion of the payment you are responsible for.
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Are there any medical benefits for infants?

If your child is 6 years old or under and are registered under a health insurance program, you may be able to receive a part-refund for your child’s medical costs as covered by the medical insurance. This also includes medical costs of hospital meals. For more information, please refer to your local ward’s Public Health and Welfare Center.

What is the Long-Term Care Insurance?

The Welfare Centers for the Elderly offer counseling and information on how to stay healthy. Educational seminars and recreational activities are also organized for the elderly residents so that they can become more involved in their communities. Please we020010

Where can I get a HIV antibody testing?

To find out where you can get free HIV antibody testing, please refer to your local ward office’s National Health Insurance and Pension Section.
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