Please explain about the lump-sum birth allowance of the Osaka City National Health Insurance program.

【Persons eligible】
Persons covered by the insurance and giving birth in or after the 12th week of pregnancy (including stillbirth or miscarriage)

【Paid amount】
The value of the lump-sum birth allowance is 404,000 yen (or 420,000 yen if the birth occurs in or after the 22nd week of gestation at a medical institution participanting in the Japan Obstetric Compensation System).

【Application procedure】
The applicant can choose to have the payment made directly to the medical institution.  In this case, there is no need to make an application.  (If the medical cost is smaller than the value of the lump-sum birth allowance, you should apply to receive the difference.)

【Documents required】
National Health Insurance Certificate, personal seal, Mother and Child Health booklet, bankbook of the account in the name of the head of household (or other document indicating the account details for the bank transfer procedure).

Please inquire at the municipal/ward office of your residence for details.
◆ For residents in Osaka City.


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